Possum Man

This site is a memorial to, and a clearing house for information related to the unexpected death of, Erik V. Stewart: aka Possum or Possum Man.  Erik was, as we are rapidly finding out, a member of a wide variety of groups that, except for Erik, had little to do with each other.   Hopefully we will be able to join here to commiserate and to get help for the situations that his sudden death has caused.

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His Life

  • The wiki for Mud House: the experimental community that he was a founder and mainstay of.
  • The place he worked for the last two years of his life. Contains a eulogy from his co-workers
  • Obituary in the Toronto Star laying out his family tree
  • Toronto Bloggist Accordian Guy's eulogy
  • Cory Doctrow's Boing Boing eulogy on Possum Man
  • Cory Doctrow credits Erik with getting him interested in graphic novels
  • Cory Doctrow's essay on Possum's Cosmopolitan Fashion Sense
  • The Globe and Mail interviews Erik about the day-jobs of anarchists


Erik was a major Hacker and Linux guru. As such several sites and discussion groups are now, to some degree or other, stranded by his unplanned-for death.



Possum's Role(s)

A personal web-site and some sort of community site that you need a membership to see.
Domain owner
Sys Admin
Frozen as to new content. Looking for someone with an account and password so that it can be archived or transferred to another site.
A free university that he helped found and run.
Domain owner Unclear
Ivan Illich discussion group
A Yahoo! discussion group on the educational and political views of Ivan Illich. Probably influential in Possum's Anarchist U. endeavours.
Sole moderator
Frozen as to new content. No postings since 2007 anyway. Could be archived.
Mud House Wiki
The on-line presence of the communal house where he lived.
Not clear if he was the admin for this but it hasn't been updated since his death. He is still listed as being on Fridge Duty.