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This site is a memorial to, and a clearing house for information related to the unexpected death of, Erik V. Stewart: aka Possum or Possum Man.  Erik was, as we are rapidly finding out, a member of a wide variety of groups that, except for Erik, had little to do with each other.   Hopefully we will be able to join here to commiserate and to get help for the situations that his sudden death has caused.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Impromptu gathering of friends

There will be a memorial gathering on Sunday, June 3rd, 2012. Here is the notification from his roomates:
We'll also be holding a gathering/wake at Trinity Bellwoods on Sunday from 4:00 to whenever people get exhausted, in the bowl area at the bottom of the hill. Bring food, musical instruments, stories about Erik, whatever seems appropriate. Everyone is welcome, just show up.

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  1. More details from the organisers:

    "The wake at Trinity Bellwoods is being planned very much on the fly. Right now the plan for if it rains is that we'll get wet. Possibly, we'll bring people back to the Mudhouse (481 Manning ave.)."