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This site is a memorial to, and a clearing house for information related to the unexpected death of, Erik V. Stewart: aka Possum or Possum Man.  Erik was, as we are rapidly finding out, a member of a wide variety of groups that, except for Erik, had little to do with each other.   Hopefully we will be able to join here to commiserate and to get help for the situations that his sudden death has caused.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Possum Man Comics

The origin of the name Possum seems to have been superhero called "Possum Man" which he created in his childhood. His powers were that he was near-sighted and could sleep hanging from his tail! (Not to be confused with The Possum superhero by Blair Kitchen here in Toronto.) Erik seems to have created as least a few comics devoted to this avatar of his but I don't know if they were ever for sale or if they were just put out on a 'zine basis. I have also heard that there were also some autobiographical comics about Possum as opposed to Possum Man.

Does anyone know anything more about or perhaps even possess some of these masterpieces? Post your info in a comment by clicking on the comment counter below.

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