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This site is a memorial to, and a clearing house for information related to the unexpected death of, Erik V. Stewart: aka Possum or Possum Man.  Erik was, as we are rapidly finding out, a member of a wide variety of groups that, except for Erik, had little to do with each other.   Hopefully we will be able to join here to commiserate and to get help for the situations that his sudden death has caused.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Possum on-line

Possum was a Linux advocate. Linux is at the core of the open-source, free software movement and its mascot is the penguin Tux: shown at left here. He used his computer skills to set up a number of sites for volunteer and advocacy groups and probably did some teaching of computer crafts at Anarchist University and other forums. If you were involved with Possum on any Linux projects please tell us about them in a comment by clicking on the comment counter below.

With his sudden death, some of the websites and other systems that he set up are now frozen and may just suddenly disappear because he was the owner of some of the sites' domain names (the URL or interNet address) and was the sole moderator or administrator for others. There is a table of these sites on the Links page of this site. The orderly disposition of the on-line assets of estates is a rather new area for society at large. A friend of mine died about three years ago and the opening up and disposition of his vast on-line worlds was a nightmare. Are there any legal-beagles out there who know the legalities of all this? Is there one way to go about it or does every web hosting company have a different policy? I'm sure the family would be grateful for any help that anyone could give and I, for one, would hate to see all of his programs and on-line discussions just disappear. Send me an e-mail or add a comment by clicking on the comment counter below.

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  1. Sometime between 2002-2005 Possum was a frequent visitor at Kimbercote Farm -a retreat centre for social & environmental activists near Collongwood ON. He was especially helpful in setting up/contributing to our radical media centre, a computer lab using old/refurbished computers (otherwise destined for landfill) that ran a variety of Linux operating systems. He was such a sweet, generous & patient volunteer... and friend. I'll surely miss him as I always assumed our paths would one day cross again at some demo or hacker type event. RIP possum!